Cadillac Loaner Vehicles For Sale In Chamblee, GA

Get ready to redefine your new car purchase or lease experience with one of our exceptional Cadillac courtesy vehicles. When you lease or purchase a Cadillac loaner car or SUV, you get the benefits of taking home the current model year but with pre-owned savings; because in a sense, these vehicles are new and used all at the same time. We offer most models as courtesy vehicles in our service department, so whether you're looking for a Cadillac XT4, Cadillac Escalade ESV, or something in between, Jim Ellis Cadillac in Chamblee, GA, has you covered. Read on to see how our Cadillac courtesy vehicles program works, and take one home today!

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Benefits of Buying or Leasing Our Cadillac Courtesy Vehicles

For those of you new to the idea of purchasing or leasing a courtesy vehicle, let's clarify what that means, exactly. A courtesy vehicle is otherwise known as a service loaner. These vehicles come from the current year model fleet and are given to service customers while their vehicle is in for maintenance.

The OEM states that their vehicles should be pulled from service at about 3,000 miles, so you can count on any of our Cadillac courtesy vehicles for sale to have very low mileage. Another benefit of taking home a Cadillac loaner lease is that any fitted accessories can be residualized into the payment. In other words, you'll pay extra to have racks and running boards installed on your vehicle with a lease. Accessories are a stand-alone purchase for a lease and aren't rolled into the payment. However, if a courtesy vehicle is sporting any extra gear that we've decided to show off, you can count on them being included in the overall cost. Check out the new Cadillac Escalade. See one of our courtesy vehicles with racks, running boards, and more? Strike while the iron is hot for more savings!

Are Cadillac Courtesy Vehicles New or Used?

Great question. They're a little bit of both. As previously mentioned, they are put into service by us. They're never titled. So if you finance one of our Cadillac loaner cars for sale, you will be the first registered owner. Because they are from the current model year, Cadillac Financial allows for all new car programs to be applied. But since they have just a few miles on the clock, you get some meaningful savings of the capitalized cost. So that new Cadillac XT5 you've been eyeing? See if you can find a copy of it from our inventory of Cadillac courtesy vehicles. You'll save big whether you lease or finance.

If you're wondering about warranties, here's how that works. All of our Cadillac courtesy vehicles come with the remainder of their new car warranty. For those of you new to purchasing or leasing a loaner, there's something called the in service date. This is the day the vehicle enters the service department, but it's also the date that the warranty begins. So, in other words, you'll have the mileage amount and time amount deducted from the new car warranty.

Save in Style With Our Cadillac Courtesy Vehicles Near Doraville, GA

If you haven't purchased or leased a vehicle this way before, we encourage you to do so! Our entire loaner fleet is inspected, serviced, sanitized, and detailed for your peace of mind. They come to you just as a new car would. But with some meaningful savings that anyone these days will feel great about. So go ahead and jump on that Cadillac XT6 you've always wanted. But take a look at our loaner fleet first. You might just be in for a wonderful surprise.