Your Cadillac was built upon brave design, liberating performance, and engineering expertise to make every journey extraordinary. Help keep your new, used, or leased Cadillac protected by reading about the plans offered below.  

Enhance your Cadillac ownership experience.

Cadillac Protection can give you the confidence and comfort you need to enhance your Cadillac ownership experience. From Cadillac Protection Plans to Cadillac Tire and Wheel Protection Plus and more, you can find peace of mind with the Protection products that bear the same name as the vehicle you drive.

Extended Limited Warranty

Introducing an industry first: Cadillac Extended Limited Warranty.

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Protection Plan

The Service Contract created to help meet your high expectations. Choose the coverage that's right for you.

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GAP Coverage

GAP Coverage gives you confidence when you purchase a new, used, or lease Cadillac vehicle.

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Tire and Wheel Protection

See how Tire and Wheel Protection can help make the difference in your ride.

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Pre-Paid Maintenance

Recommended service intervals help keep your maintenance costs under control and help keep your Cadillac performing at its best.

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Appearance Guard

Help maintain your Cadillac's meticulous craftsmanship, inside and out, with Appearance Guard.

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XS Wear® Lease Protection

Minimize expense with excess wear-and-tear lease coverage up to $5,000.

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Advanced Lease Protection

Advanced Lease Protection provides additional services and protection during the manufacturer's warranty, plus coverage after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

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