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2023 Cadillac XT4 vs 2023 Acura RDX

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  • 2023 Cadillac XT4

    A black 2023 Cadillac XT4 Sport is angled left.

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    2023 Acura RDX

    A silver 2023 Acura RDX Advance is angled right.

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    23/30Fuel Economy (city/hwy MPG)22/28
    3,500Max Towing (lbs)1,500
    YesTeen DriverNo

    You have plenty of options available to you when shopping for a compact crossover SUV, but they are not all designed with the same high standards, so it is important to consider what each one brings with it. With so many different models available, it can help to just look at one or two at a time to see what they offer, such as the 2023 Cadillac XT4 vs 2023 Acura RDX. These are both luxurious compact crossover vehicles; while they have a lot in common, there are some key differences between them. Once you look at these differences and the ways the XT4 can benefit you as a driver, it becomes clear that the Cadillac model has more to offer than the Acura.

    For example, both of these small crossover vehicles have a single engine available, and in both instances, it is a sporty 2.0L Turbo I-4 engine. Though there are differences between them in terms of horsepower and torque, what is most noteworthy is that the Cadillac model gets superior fuel economy compared to the RDX. This means you can go longer without stopping for gas. It offers better fuel efficiency both in the city and on the highway, so the Cadillac lets you get to where you need to go with greater ease, and it also gives you superior towing capacity. While both models have similar engines, the Cadillac is more practical and a better option for your daily routine and long road trips alike.

    You can find a long list of standard and available features inside both of these vehicles, but the Cadillac XT4 is easier to customize with what you want. For example, you can choose a trim for the Cadillac and then pick additional packages or options you want to customize it with. With the Acura, there are different trims but fewer simple options to make upgrades where you want them. Perhaps most striking of all the differences between these models, however, is the price: the Cadillac starts at more than $5,000 less than the Acura. That makes the XT4 a fantastic overall value, and it is easier to choose some additional options and features with it to get the most for your money while sticking to a budget.

  • Performance

    A red 2023 Cadillac XT4 is shown driving on a city street after a rainstorm.

    When you start looking at the 2023 Cadillac XT4 and the Acura RDX, you will notice a lot of ways that they are similar, but as you look further, these similarities often serve to highlight the key differences between them. For example, when you consider the engines for these two vehicles, there are some striking similarities between them: both have a single option available, a 2.0L Turbo I-4, and both are offered with front-wheel drive standard and all-wheel drive available. Numerically, the performance from these engines is similar, not identical, but quite close, and they both come paired with excellent automatic transmissions.

    How These Engines Compare When It Comes to Fuel Economy

    Amidst all of these notable similarities, however, some striking and important differences emerge that really indicate how one of them can serve you better than the other. Perhaps the most remarkable of these differences is the fuel economy of these two vehicles. With standard front-wheel drive, the Cadillac XT4 gets an estimated 23 MPG in the city, 30 MPG on the highway, and 26 MPG of combined fuel efficiency. The Acura RDX, on the other hand, gets an estimated 22 MPG in the city, 28 MPG on the highway, and 24 MPG of combined fuel efficiency. If you choose a model with all-wheel drive instead, then this pattern remains the same, with 1 MPG greater efficiency in the city and 2 MPG better efficiency on the highway for the XT4.

    As numbers on a screen, that might not seem like very much, but the difference can certainly add up over time, especially if you tend to do a lot of highway driving during your daily commute or you like to go on long road trips. In addition to this, when properly equipped, the Cadillac XT4 can handle up to 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, while the best the Acura can manage when equipped for it is just 1,500 lbs of maximum towing. That means the XT4 gives you about 230% greater towing than the Acura can manage, which is a huge difference if you have a camper or boat that you want to be able to haul behind you.

  • Features

    A closeup of the infotainment screen in a 2023 Cadillac XT4 is shown during a 2023 Cadillac XT4 vs 2023 Acura RDX comparison.

    One of the best parts of shopping for a vehicle is the freedom you have to customize it and get the specific combination of features and options that you are looking for. Whether you are interested in ordering something like the Cadillac XT4 to perfectly meet your specifications, or you are simply looking at different models to find what you need, you deserve to be able to get everything you want in your next vehicle. Both the XT4 and the Acura RDX are available in a number of different trim levels and with various options offered on them, but Cadillac does a better job of giving you more freedom to get what you need.

    Trims and Other Features

    For example, looking at the starting trims for these two models, we can see that the Cadillac XT4 Luxury has Inteluxe seating surfaces as standard, along with an eight-way power driver’s seat and power front-passenger seat. Looking at the standard Acura RDX, it has similar features with leatherette Sport Seats, including power-adjustable front seats. But what if you want leather seating surfaces? Cadillac lets you choose available leather seats for the XT4’s starting trim, while Acura does not—you have to choose a higher trim to get leather seats for the RDX.

    This is not an isolated example either, as there are similar situations that can be found across the various trim levels for these vehicles when looking at the options available for them. Customizing the XT4 is also quite simple since Cadillac offers a number of individual upgrades and changes you can make, along with various packages that bundle different features together to make your driving experience more rewarding. While you can certainly customize the RDX, Cadillac simply makes it easier and offers more to help you make the XT4 your own.

  • Value

    A red 2023 Cadillac XT4 is parked on a suburban street

    No matter what kind of vehicle you are interested in, you want to get the most for your money so that you know you made a good choice for your next ride. Cars and SUVs might not be much of an investment for making a profit, but they are still major purchases that you should consider carefully before you buy any model. The final price you pay for a vehicle depends on a wide range of factors: from the dealership you choose to the trim level you prefer and all of the extra options and available features you are interested in. These things can all make a big difference in what you pay, but it begins with the starting suggested retail price.

    The Better Deal

    With that in mind, the Cadillac XT4 starts off at $36,295 MSRP, while the Acura RDX has a starting MSRP of $41,750.[a] That is a significant difference—sometimes manufacturers like to brag about a much lower price, but when you look at it, the difference ends up being only a small amount. Here, we can see the Acura costs almost 15% more than the Cadillac, and this difference means you can get a lot more for your money with the XT4. Even if you have the budget to afford the RDX’s starting price, you can spend the same amount to get a higher trim of the Cadillac model, rather than its starting trim, and enjoy fantastic upgrades such as a hands-free power liftgate and ambient interior lighting. While the Acura RDX is certainly a fine vehicle, the difference in price makes the Cadillac a better option and an incredible value.

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